One of the main interests of Long Island Homeopathy is helping children with autism achieve the happiest, healthiest and most functional quality of life possible within an individual’s unique potential. Homeopathy can help persons with disabilities progress toward reaching their full potential in life and can also help them avoid the pitfalls of tackling complex health issues and behavioral problems free from toxic drugs which may have numerous potential negative side effects.

Autism is a complex, multi-system disorder that presents neurologically with profound developmental delays which can impact any combination of social, motor and intellectual abilities, and can manifest with additional complications such as gastrointestinal issues, seizures, and sensory and behavioral anomalies. The term “autism spectrum” covers a wide set of differences and disabilities of the disorder. The cause of autism is a heated topic of debate amongst parents, professionals and advocacy groups.

Long Island Homeopathy utilizes the CEASE Autism Therapy approach in cases of autism which do not fully respond to a classical constitutional homeopathic approach alone.  CEASE therapy involves the marriage of three indispensable therapeutic interventions including 1) classical homeopathy, 2) isotherapeutic detoxification, and 3) orthomolecular support.

Families with children on the autism spectrum seek homeopathic treatment for a variety of reasons.  Some families seek help because they have always used natural medicine for their health concerns and it fits into their philosophical paradigm.  Other families find that they are dissatisfied with allopathic drug treatments for reasons of either ineffectiveness or issues of toxicity and unacceptable side-effects.  Homeopathy can effectively treat any illness without the worry of toxicity.  Some parents come to see a homeopath out of sheer desperation. Nothing else is working.  They’ve tried drugs, dietary interventions, nutritional supplements, various behavioral and educational approaches, and the child is still unresponsive to treatment  or perhaps is experiencing deterioration of health and happiness.  Many people seek homeopathic treatment for autism as a result of hearing about someone who has had success using homeopathy.

As a general practice, it is best to adhere to a wholesome and organic diet (see the book “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon) and to eliminate food allergens from the diet.  This is especially important in considering individuals with behavioral problems, learning disabilities and/or autism, as their biological pathways of detoxification can be severely impaired.  Homeopathy can treat blocked detoxification pathways.   Eliminating allergens can unburden the body and provide additional relief and recovery space for the individual.  As homeopathic treatment creates improvement, many previously allergic foods and environmental allergens can be tolerated.  Keeping a wholesome and organic diet provides the best “soil” for homeopathy to do it’s work.

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