CEASE Autism

C.E.A.S.E. Therapy

Long Island Homeopathy utilizes the CEASE Therapy approach in intractable cases which do not fully respond to a classical constitutional homeopathic approach alone, and is mainly used in treating children with autism.

CEASE stands for Complete Elimination of Autism Spectrum Expression.   It is a highly individualized homeopathic therapeutic approach developed and arduously tested with magnificent results over the course of 15 years by the late Dr. Tinus Smits, a prominent Dutch physician and homeopath.   Dr. Smit’s experiences in the homeopathic detoxification of children damaged by vaccines led to his development of a comprehensive CEASE Therapy with over 300 cases in his practice.   He has used his ground-breaking CEASE therapy in the treatment of over 300 autistic children whereby in virtually all cases, the parents consider their child 100% cured.

CEASE therapy utilizes a classical homeopathic treatment approach combined with both orthomolecular support and the removal of historical toxic energetic imprints via the use of isotherapy (causative substance homeopathic remedies).

As stated in Tinus Smits’ book “Autism: Beyond Dispair”, the central idea of CEASE therapy is that all life is vibration and that every disturbance has its own frequency. Pathogens, toxins and even trauma have the ability to imprint a lasting disturbance into the energetic field of an individual, causing chronic illness and suffering.

Isotherapy, a form of homeopathy, removes the causative toxic imprint from the individual’s energetic field, while the use of classical homeopathy allows, supports and furthers the healing process.

For more information on CEASE Therapy, visit Dr. Smits’ website: www.tinussmits.com
purchase and read his book: “Autism – Beyond Despair”

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