Patient History

At the time of booking an appointment, please plan to email a personal history at least 3 days in advance of your appointment to:

Personal History includes:

  1. Name, address, telephone, email, birth date.
  2. Description of the chief complaint or issue.
  3. A written time-line from conception to present of significant occurrences, stressors, vaccinations, health issues that have been experienced.  (If significant, the conception experience would be that of the patient’s mother).
  4. A brief family history of illness if remarkable.
  5. Description of your individual personality traits including likes and dislikes, including emotional triggers, social habits, quality of family relationships, etc…  Peculiarities are most important.
  6. List favorite foods/drinks, and food/drinks that are avoided with explanation.
  7. Provide any other information that you feel would be important  in your history.

Please be as descriptive as possible in writing the history and, once again, idiosyncratic aspects of the patient are most important.  Having this information prior to consultation enables the homeopath to recognize patterns in the patient’s  life that will help direct the questioning at the time of consultation to the most important aspects of the case.  It also frees the consultation time to deeper introspection rather than more superficial information.

Providing a history and time-line shows a commitment on the part of the patient to the in-depth homeopathic process and also mentally prepares the patient and the homeopath for the consult.

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